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LeBron James Is The Greatest Player Of All Time According To LeBron James

Well, that settles it. For years the internet has debated MJ vs LeBron. Both sides ready to battle to the death in order to determine who in fact is the greatest basketball player to ever play the game. Well we have an answer now from who else than the man himself. You heard LeBron, he’s the greatest player of all time, in his mind. According to LeBron that win over the Warriors cemented it. Granted it earned him his 3rd ring to Jordan’s 6 and RINNNGGGZZZZZ mean everything everyone knows that. He’s not lying in a sense that the Cavs comeback down 3-1 was impressive. That Warriors team was stacked, and it’s true that Jordan never had to go through that type of team. Well maybe that’s because he WAS the Warriors but whatever don’t focus on that.

Just great to see LeBron embrace being humble in his later years. Sure it’s one thing for people to say you’re the GOAT, sure it’s one thing when younger players all tell you you’re the GOAT and their favorite player. But we don’t ever hear GOATS refer to themselves as one. Tom Brady would never. Jordan would never. Is LeBron saying that Cavs title was the deciding factor because he knows he won’t ever win another one out in LA? He’s just 34, he’s going to play for what, 6 more years? Sad to see him mail in his future like that.

Anyway, I’m just glad this never ending debate can finally be put to rest. LeBron’s the GOAT because he said so.