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I'm Starting To Think Jason Garrett Wants To Get Fired At This Point

Jason Garrett continues to out do himself.

We’re almost completely done with Cowboys/Giants game that means absolutely NOTHING and guess what?! A lot of the Dallas starters (minus Zeke and a few key others) are still in and have played most of the game. Including Dak Prescott.

Oh ya, and Leighton Vander Esch (who has been having a monster rookie season) had to leave the game with a minor injury… after being injured on the play before.


Pam Oliver reported that he simply got kicked in the shin. Ok, great. But shouldn’t that have been a wake up call?? Of course it wasn’t!! There are ZERO playoff implications today. 0.0% reason to have anybody in the game this late.

Here I thought that clinching the division with a week to spare in the regular season was a good reason to rest your starters and get ready to – oh I don’t know – maybe give yourself a chance to win your whopping second playoff game IN YOUR ENTIRE CAREER IN DALLAS….????

Look, a win over the Giants is always important for pride. I get it. These teams don’t like each other. But is it worth getting guys hurt when the Giants are going home after today anyway? No. Who gives a fuck in the grand scheme of anything about beating a division rival that stinks? You’ve somehow won the regular season, Jason. Use your brain. I don’t buy into the whole momentum going into the playoffs thing either. Give me a break.

My guess is that JG wants to have a built in excuse if they happen to lose their first playoff game. Or maybe he secretly wants to get fired.

A girl can dream.

Silly me for thinking that I could sit back and not care about this game at all today since they’re already in the playoffs despite still wanting to get the clapper fired. Nope, of course I can’t relax, at least not until the clock hits zero and all of the players (hopefully) have their limbs intact before the playoffs start.

But life can’t be that easy when you’re from Dallas and Jason Garrett is the Cowboys Head Coach.