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Bears Vs Vikings - Let's Wrap This Up - Live Blog


 Disclaimer: I’m not counting on the Rams losing to the 49ers.

A lot of hubbub all week about who do we want to play the Eagles or Vikings yada yada. The truth is I genuinely don’t prefer one or the other. If it’s the Eagles, fine. If it’s the Vikings then that’s also fine. That’s not me being cocky either. I just truly don’t care who we play in the NFC at this point. I know a lot of people are nervous about playing the same team back-to-back, and yes that normally would make me nervous, but today isn’t a normal game as I don’t think the Bears will be at full speed for the whole 60 minutes.

All I really want right now is two things:

1. To know what time the game is next week.

This is killing me. Are we going to get fucked up for it on Saturday night? Are we going into a standard battle mode at noon on Sunday? Let us know already, please.

2. Nobody to get hurt.

Let’s wrap it up.

Bear Down.