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Michael Chiesa Just Successfully Submitted Carlos Condit With The First One-Armed Kimura I've Ever Seen

After an incredibly interesting first round, full of scrambles, near-submissions, and Michael Chiesa making everyone and their mothers question how in the fuck he ever (tried to) make Lightweight, we got another taste of the variety UFC 232 has proved to offer…a one-armed kimura.

Like BJ Penn earlier in the night, it was a bit tough to watch Carlos Condit suffer yet another loss in the UFC, his fifth in a row, moving him to 2-8 in his last 10, but as Chamatkar Sandhu said here…

…the caliber of talent he’s faced has just been outrageously good.

I don’t know if it’s time for Condit to hang them up just yet, though. I feel like if he went to Bellator or RIZIN or something like that they could find him a favorable matchup in attempt to allow the legend to go out on top, as he looked alright tonight – Chiesa just executed a perfect grappling-based gameplan. If he does decide to reture coming off this loss, though, I wouldn’t be mad at it one bit. Hell of a career.