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Should Notre Dame Be Banned From Bowl Games Until They Join A Conference?


So it’s deja vu with Notre Dame. Yup once again Notre Dame was picked to be in a BCS game and once again they didn’t remotely belong on the same field with their opponent. Once again they were embarrassed on a national scale.

Once again they benefited from playing a soft schedule which they create on their own accord.  Once again they benefited from not having to win a conference championship game.  Once again they got by on their reputation from 100 years ago even though they haven’t been relevant since the mid 80’s. And once again the entire country suffered for it. We were forced to sit through another disgusting ND performance in front of the entire country. It’s sickening. I honestly don’t know how anybody from Notre Dame can look themselves in the mirror after that debacle. The bottomline is this. If ND doesn’t have the integrity or guts to join a conference and earn their way into the BCS like every other team in the country than they shouldn’t be allowed to play in the post season. Clearly they don’t belong and it’s not fair to everybody else who has to win and earn their berth. Shame on Notre Dame.