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David Pastrnak's Custom Stick For The Winter Classic Is Sick

Noticed this yesterday during the Bruins practice. David Pastrnak designed his own custom Winter Classic stick, and it’s pretty sick.


Pasta’s stick features a Pasta emoji, the skylines of Boston and Prague (Czech Republic), the Czech lion, a football field, YOLO (lol), and the Winter Classic signature.

And of course Marchand chirped him about it already. (via Matt Porter/Boston Globe)

Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 11.11.16 AM

“I would never put an emoji on my stick, I have way more self respect than that. But I’ll lick a guy.” Awesome line. Marchand forever.

Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 11.14.45 AM

YOLO and LFG Bruins.

(h/t Matt Porter, Boston Globe)