Giants Punt Returner Jawill Davis Will Miss Tomorrow's Cowboys Game After Dislocating His Kneecap While *Checks Notes* Dancing In The Locker Room

I guess with the amount of locker room dance parties the Giants do every season, it was only a matter of time until someone came up gimpy trying to pop a lock or a whip or whatever the fuck the hot dance is in the streets is these days. I am thankful that this happened before Week 17 of another wasted season, didn’t happen to a star player, and was only a slight dislocation of the kneecap. Oh yeah and thank every god that has ever been created that this didn’t happen to Odell Beckham Jr. The takes coming out of #Dancegate would have made #Boatgate seem like a walk in the park.

Lets check in on the Odell Beckham Jr. haters that heard a Giants wide receiver got hurt dancing in the locker room then found out Odell wasn’t the one that got hurt.

Anyway, this is yet another absolutely ridiculous story for a franchise that is quickly becoming the epicenter of embarrassing stories in the NFL now that the Browns seem to have their shit figured out and the Jets aren’t Jetsing as much as they used to. The Giants sinking to Mets and Knicks levels is truly something my New York sports fan gypsy ass never saw coming.

As for Davis, I don’t know if this will effect his standing with the team at all. But if he is back with the Giants next season, you cannot let him wear Victor Cruz’s number 80 ever again. Cruz made the salsa cool and even had fat unathletic idiots like myself doing trying to do the salsa in their house after every Cruz touchdown. Letting a player that danced his way onto IR would be utter disrespect to the number, the salsa, and the man that gave us a bunch of great memories and a Super Bowl in a career that was way too short.

Time to find another number if you still have a job here, Jawill. And to be honest even that may be a stretch because I am convinced that Corey Coleman is going to repping Big Blue at the Pro Bowl in 2020 as a kick returner and I wouldn’t be shocked if he goes as a punt returner as well to save airfare and hotel expenses for the NFL.