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Is Lebron Walking Into the Staples Center Drinking Wine Before An NBA Game A Desperate Cry For Help?

Listen this is not about my hatred of Lebron James. This isn’t about the blog. This is about alcoholism, abuse and humanity. Clearly Lebron James has a severe drinking problem. We already know he forces his underage children to drink wine and get shitfaced. We already know he loves to hit the bottle. But this move? Walking into the Staples Center with a glass of wine before an NBA game? Forget about open container laws, and role model issues etc. This is about Lebron having a major problem. This is about whether his kids are in danger. This is a child services issue. I’m not saying this because I don’t like Lebron, but rather becuase I respect him as an adversary. I don’t want to see his legacy end like this. I want to beat him on the court not in AA. This was a scream for help. Somebody needs to give it to him. Tonight my thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.