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Report: Coaching the Jets is a Dream Job Because They're About to Overtake the Patriots


Manish Mehta, NYDNThe Patriots are in decline.

This is not your older brother’s Evil Empire, which has dominated the NFL landscape for the better part of two decades. No, this is an inconsistent outfit held together by a pliable 41-year-old, kale-munching quarterback and a brainiac head coach.

The Patriots haven’t collapsed just yet, but there’s a feeling in league circles that their inevitable demise will make the Jets’ impending head coaching vacancy extremely enticing.

“I would love that job,” one coach told the Daily News about the Jets gig that will officially be up for grabs when the team parts ways with Todd Bowles after the season finale against the Patriots on Sunday. “The Jets are poised to take over that division. Brady’s time is short.” …

But everything comes with an expiration date. …

There is an opportunity for the Jets – yes, those Jets – to jump in and seize control of the AFC East after suffering for the better part of the Patriots dynasty that has included 10 freakin’ consecutive division titles. …

Now it’s just up to the Jets brain trust to hire the right guy.

God help me, if the New York Jets didn’t exist, I’d have to invent them. The team, the ownership, the fan base, the media. All of it. Life is simply more enjoyable because the Jets exist as a social and cultural institution. I’d say I don’t ever want it to change, but I don’t have to. It just doesn’t.

It’s just not December in the 21st century until I’ve read this at least once. “Everything comes with an expiration date.” Yeah, everything except the misplaced optimism of the Jets, their fans and their media. All they need is “the right guy” to coach them. Until they hire the next “right guy.” Then all they need is a franchise quarterback. Then when they fail, it’s the coach. Then it’s the quarterback. As the seasons go by and the double-digit losses pile up. They’re stuck in an endless time loop, with Doctor Strange always arriving saying he’s come to bargain while the Patriots run away with the division yet again, for infinity.

How many years has it been since Todd Bowles was the right guy and Ryan Fitzpatrick was the QB they’ve needed all along? Three? Before that it was Rex Ryan and Geno Smith. Or Rexy and Mark Sanchize. Eric Mangenious, anyone? He got a taste of Brett Favre and Chad Pennington. Before him it was Herm Edwards. A one-song playlist of misery, set to constant repeat mode.

I just hope the next failed HC of NYJs happens to be whoever anonymously told the Daily News he’d love the job. So that two years from now we can be reading some one else saying the same thing. I just wouldn’t recognize the world if this didn’t happen every single year. And in a way, I almost admire it. It can’t be easy to hang onto a fool’s hope like this for so many years, waiting for the decline of a quarterback who, with a win Sunday, will have a career record against you of 28-8. That’s why I’m not saying “don’t change.” Because the Jets won’t. I can’t wait to read this same thing this time next year.