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Wake Up With Noah Syndergaard Hitting 2 Bombs In Los Angeles
Look at Thor here, guy can do it all. You need a pitcher to have an ERA right around 3? He can do it. You need a guy who can drop the head on a pitch or two? He can do it. These were two legit homers too, didn't wrap one around Pesky Pole, didn't line one down the line in Yankee Stadium. We're talking dead center and right center in Dodger Stadium. Kind of an awkward swing for Noah, but it went out. He kind of looked like he knew what he was doing too, color me surprised with how good he looked up there.
The swing really used all of his hand, mouth, and foot coordination, it was a dirty swing, but they still went out. You get it. Normally I'm against pitchers hitting, but some of the real athletic pitchers can be entertaining. I'd still rather see a DH in both leagues, but Noah seems like a guy who could hit if he really wanted to, and not just a guy going up to look at 3 pitches.