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Wake Up With The Slowest And Biggest Donnybrook In MLB History, Kevin Gregg Vs David Ortiz
While scrolling through pages of MLB fights on Youtube, I found this gem and immediatly knew I was going to blog this one, this was the first fight I saw involving the Orioles where I wanted the Orioles player to get the shit kicked out of him. I, along with many other Orioles fans, HATEDDDDDD Kevin Gregg. Even called him "Kelly Gregg", because Kelly is a girls name, get it? Sick burn.
Kevin came inside a few too many times on Ortiz. To no surprise, Ortiz wasn't a fan. Credit to him because he almost charged the mound, but didn't. Bullpens ran in, warnings were given out, but they let the at-bat continue. Gregg gets Ortiz to fly out to center, but Ortiz never makes it to first.
Gregg started jawing at Ortiz after he hit the ball and Ortiz took a detour right to the pitchers mound. The umpire tossed Gregg the second he said something to Ortiz and pointed at him. Credit to the ump though, he sprinted out to that mound to try and break up these guys fighting. I mean watching these two go at it was like watching two grizzly bears wrestle. Notice I say wrestle because I don't think any actual punches were thrown. They threw some fists, but no one came close to landing any. It was basically a sumo wrestling match. The biggest hit came from Matt Wieters giving Ortiz a hockey check just to get him outta there.
I am actually on Ortiz's side here. IDK why Gregg yelled at Ortiz, he wasn't hot dogging it to first like he normally did. He hit the ball to center and was watching it, gauging if it was enough to get the run home. Thats when he heard Gregg yelling at him and hooked a hard left.
Kevin Gregg, what an idiot.