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Justin Herbert Announced That He Will Return To Oregon For His Senior Year, So There Goes That Plan For The Giants

Man am I happy the Giants didn’t tank the season away in a draft that was already light at QB and just lost the number 1 QB prospect. And if I am happy about that, I can only imagine how Dwayne Haskins feels about it. To be honest I’m fine with Herbert not coming out because I had already talked myself into the spinzone that Oregon quarterbacks are not very good in the NFL. Sure Eli Manning had some very depressing moments this season and Kyle Lauletta went from Jimmy G 2.0 to Jimmy GTA. But every time I watched Oregon play, there was nothing about Herbert that made me feel like we were watching another potential 2-time Super Bowl MVP behind center, which is what the Giants current quarterback is. Am I saying all this because I am trying to talk myself out of the reality of the Giants being in quarterback purgatory for the foreseeable future including this offseason when names like Joe Flacco and Andy Dalton will probably be mentioned as a potential bridge replacement for Eli? Definitely. But at least now I can focus on the 2020 NFL draft along with hashtags like #TankForTua, #FailForFromm, and #EatDickForEason. If Eli is as bad as everyone says he is, the Number 1 pick should be a lock after next season. Imagine Zion Williamson and Tua Tagovailoa both coming to New York over the next 18 months? I just did and it’s awesome and it’s definitely going to happen.

Bottom line is you need a great coach, quarterback, and kicker to win a Super Bowl and the Giants found out without a shadow of a doubt that they have one of those things. Locking up another in this year’s draft was probably being greedy anyway.

Now let’s fix the offensive line or trade back to collect as many picks as possible to make trading up in the 2020 draft easier and turn this team into a contender again (just not next season because we need a Top 3 pick more than anything in the world. I love Saquon but the next year terrifies me).