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Softball State Title Game Ends Gloriously With A Walk Off, Inside The Park...Strikeout

MONTANA – Due to fielding mistakes Billings West’s Kendyl Boltz was able to turn a strike out into a walk-off inside-the-park home run to take home the Montana State Tittle.

That’s it. Time to pack it in, ladies. This is officially the end of women’s sports. Keep in mind this isn’t a T-ball game where balls are being chucked around more than an a Liberace after party, it’s for a state championship. The best of the best of Montana softball has to offer. How did they record an out the entire game? You wouldn’t even have to turn on the beeping balls and I would bet on a group of blindos destroying them in a game. One thing’s for damn sure, nothing was stopping John Kruk from going home once she rounded second at maximum power. An object in motion stays in motion and the sheer inertia behind that bull coming to a sudden stop wouldn’t be good for business.