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Khalil Mack Is Ready To Save Every Team In This City/First Trailer Of Jordan Documentary Is Released

Those little snake fucks named Gar & Pax were licking their chops after seeing this. “Oh, we already threw a dart at Jabari Parker? Well, we might as well try and see if the Bears All-Pro pass rusher would be able to help us out.”

Mack would probably crack the Bulls rotation right now if he wanted too as well. At the very least be better than the last couple guys on the bench. Add that Charles Oakley element and fight people if they get in Markkanen’s face.

Also – while we’re here…this dropped yesterday too:

Needless to say that it’s going to be fucking awesome. Ten parts is alot, but I don’t think you’d be able to find a sports fan who’s not all in on watching every single one of them. 10 hours of candid Dennis Rodman would be worth it alone.

And that’s kinda where we’re at with the Bulls. Instead of watching them play competitive games on Christmas like we did in years past, we’re now talking about a Bears player wearing their uniform, and a documentary being released in over a year.

See Red!