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SEC Pastor Compares Birth Of Jesus To Tennessee Running Onto Field Pregame, Bama Fan Grabs Kid And Leaves In Protest


I have no idea if this story is made up. The Twitter account this comes from seems harmless. It’s not The Onion. It’s just an Alabama fan who works for a health care consulting company. I’m going with it being real and in the words of that smokeshow from Seinfeld: it’s real and it’s spectacular.

Perfect. Whoever thought a pastor from Knoxville would work in Oxford is a lunatic. For those who don’t understand the “power t” reference, it’s when Tennessee runs through the band, who is in the shape of a t, before the game:

Comparing this to the birth of Jesus is about as SEC as we can get. The Alabama fan taking his kid out in protest gives us SEC overload. And the Grandma getting involved?

Something about this conference….

SEC football is the intersection between crazy, tradition, football, politics, and religion. This story involves almost all of those. Thank god for the south. Merry Christmas.