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The Steelers Lose And Will Most Likely Miss The Playoffs (If I Was Mean I'd Post The Tweet They Posted After Their Crowing Regular Season Victory Against The Patriots)

So the Steelers lost a heartbreaker today to the Saints and now will most likely miss the playoffs. I feel bad for Steeler fans because Pittsburgh is a great football city and their beloved Steelers are good enough to beat anybody. It’s just such a shame they won’t even make the dance. But because it’s Christmas season I’m not going to remind them about the tweet they had memorializing their regular season victory against the Pats. The same Pats that currently have a first round bye in the playoffs. If I was in a bad mood I’d post it and talk about how that’s what they get for acting like they won the Superbowl vs. us. But since I’m happy as a clam and everything went right for us today I won’t talk about it. I’ll just post it and say nothing because Pittsburgh is already in enough pain.