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Wake Up With Ken Griffey Jr Mondays - Griffey Hits #50 In 1997

Home run #50 from Griffey Jr was a nice one. Absolute bomb hit up in Minnesota into those folded up seats in right center field. This was the first time Griffey hit 50 in a season, a season in which he'd win MVP and hit 56 homers. He'd hit the exact same amount the next year, and that was the only 2 times he hit 50. 56 homers in back-to-back years is insane, but it's not really talked about because that was the era when McGwire and Sosa were hitting 60 and no one blinked. Imagine someone hitting 56 homers back-to-back, and never leading the bigs in homers, because that is what happened to Griffey.
Every time I watch a Griffey home run I'm amazed at the plate coverage, and how he can take a ball on the outside corner of the plate and sent it to right center field. Pure strength. I think it's an optical illusion, but in my eyes, every ball that was hit to right center field or right field in the dome up there seemed to go 5 miles. The folded up seats give me that illusion. Anyways, enjoy your Christmas Eve ya fools. Love you all.