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Super Bowl LII And LIII MVP Big Dick Nick Foles Leads The Eagles To A Comeback Win Over The Very Decent Houston Texans


Well, the Eagles put together basically another complete game with Nick Foles under center. Ho freaking hum.

Nick Foles has earned the starting spot for the final game and if they make the playoffs, even if Wentz is healthy. Long term? For sure not. But the Eagles are just a better team RIGHT NOW with him in there, for whatever reason (Doug being a better coach is that reason). This team is DANGEROUS if they win vs Washington and get into the playoffs (Bears need to beat the Vikings). Shout out to the defense for keeping the Texans in check for most of the game and Zach Ertz who actually broke some tackles today. Seriously though, congratulations on your success, Zach. You smell terrific.

Oh, and the refs are still shit. Figure it out, NFL.

Let’s have a holiday. Still need help to get in, but there’s still a chance to dance, baby. There’s still a chance to dance.