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The Cowboys Clinched The NFC East With A Week To Spare. What A World.

Welp, they did it fam. The Dallas Cowboys are the 2018 NFC East Champs and are headed to the playoffs. With a week left on the schedule. I know, I can’t believe it either. Considering where this team was in early November sitting at 3-5, it’s pretty impressive. The only thing that I can say at this point is that it’s such a garbage division this season that it shouldn’t be that surprising. And yes, they’ve played some good football along the way.

As for the playoffs: According to my math – the Seahawks (most likely), the Vikings or maybe…. the EAGLES (??)…. will be making the trip to Jerry World in a few weeks.

As for the game vs Tampa Bay today:

– First and foremost, I hope that Tyrone Crawford is ok. That was incredibly scary.

– The defense (especially in the red zone) was pretty, pretty, pretty good. And they needed it after that disgusting display of football vs Indy last week. Randy Gregory probably played his best game as a Cowboy.

– But that offense?

It’s so painful to watch.

They were able to put up some points, but let’s be honest. The Bucs are just not that good. In fact, they have the worst red zone defense in the league.

When they end up playing a defense that’s worth a shit, I think this offense will struggle. Big time. The way they looked the last couple of games IS cause for concern for all you Cowboys fans who are still holding on to the win in New Orleans as an indicator that this team could win the Super Bowl.

– As for a silver lining, Zeke just became the fastest player in franchise history to hit 4,000 career rushing yards. If you’re into that kinda thing. (Most of the time, stats are for losers. But I’ll take the W where I can.)

– A division clinched is a division clinched. There’s no spin zone here.

I wish I could be this excited. I really do. But I just can’t be. Yes, we’ve been over this time and time again. I know I should be happy. But at this point, I’m way too far down the river to be happy. If they SOMEHOW win the Super Bowl (they won’t), I’ll eat my crow.

But hey, a W is a W. It doesn’t matter how it happens. You’ll never hear me say otherwise. Congrats to the Cowboys. And Jason Garrett (and his extension through 2045).  And Scott Linehan. And everybody else who I made the “Fire Everyone” shirts about. I’ll shut the fuck up. For now.

As Dave Portnoy says, “talk to me in the post season.” Merry Christmas, Dallas.