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Pats Demolish The Bills....Nick Foles Demolishes the Texans! The Pats Are Back In Position For First Round Bye Thanks To Big Dick Nick

Well today unfolded exactly and I mean exactly how I expected.  The Pats handled their business at home and Big Dick Nick went in and did what Big Nick does.  He put an absolute beatdown on the Texans.  And once again I’m forced to lobby for Nick Foles to get the respect he deserves in Philadelphia.   Because all this guy does is play the position of Quarterback the way god intended the game to be played.   Watching Nick Foles play QB is like watching Picasso paint.  It’s beautiful to watch.  It truly is.  But for some reason the scumbags in Philly refuse to accept him as their own.  They refuse to give him the respect he deserves.  It makes me sick.  It really does.  This man is a superbowl MVP.   It seems he wins every game he starts.   But all Philly fans want is Carson Wentz back in the lineup.  Hey newsflash guys.  You can’t keep Foles and Wentz.  One of them has to go.    One of them is a superbowl MVP who wins every single game he starts.   One guy is coming off a huge knee injury and has never won a playoff game.  You tell me who you want?  And if you scumbags can’t appreciate Nick Foles I’m sure there are 20 other teams who will.  Do the right thing Philly.   You are a great sports town.  You deserve a great team.  Don’t wait another 100 years to win an important game.  Trade Wentz.  Save the city.  You are welcome.