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Report: Hosung Choi, The World's Most Electric Golfer, To Make PGA TOUR Debut At Pebble Beach

Need a refresher? Hosung Choi is the South Korean pro golfer who plays the Asian circuit and emerged last year becoming an overnight star. For obvious reasons.


It’s official — golf is back. First Tiger and now this. Mr. Fisherman Swing himself coming to America for the AT&T Pebble Beach pro-am? Are you fist fucking me? I guess I have to go to this. I have to see Hosung in person. One of those things this world may never see again and you don’t want to be stuck telling your kids you missed it. Hosung has the potential to change the game. To transcend golf. Every swing he takes is laugh out loud funny. Fucking guy is jumping and hopping on wedge shots. Wedges! He’s stroking putts then spinning around in circles in an effort to get that sucker to break towards the hole. He’s incredible.

And you know what… he’s relatable. You can never swing like Tiger but a little part of everyone swings like Hosung Choi. Every now and then we all get to a point where the best we can do is flail our bodies towards the golf ball then twist, turn, hop and roll our asses around the tee box trying desperately to alter the direction in which our ball’s going.

The Pebble pro-am begins February 7th. Hallelujah. We’re gonna get this guy on the iconic cliffs of Pebble Beach.