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Motorcyclist GoPro's Himself Outrunning Cops At 115 MPH So Of Course He Puts It On YouTube And Gets Arrested


SC – A South Carolina motorcyclist was arrested after sharing a video on YouTube showing him being pursued by police while doing more than 100mph on a busy road. Derek Kellett, 26, of Mauldin, has been charged with five counts of reckless driving, disregarding a traffic control device and failure to stop. The video that got Kellett in trouble with the law was posted last month on YouTube under the title ‘Yamaha R6 Runs From Cops- Full High Speed Chase!!’

Totally worth it. Nobody outruns the fuzz and lives to tell their story. Nobody. You think anyone in the Arby’s break room is going to believe Derek outran 2 stars worth of GTA heat without video evidence? Hell no. In all honesty I’m surprised this even made it’s way onto YouTube. If you’re stupid enough to your film yourself on a Donorcycle at 115 mph solely to elude a minor traffic citation than you shouldn’t be able to figure out how to put video files on the Internet. It takes me 45 minutes to create a GIF for Christ’s sake. No way he was able to get it on the web all by himself.

I’m in awe of this guy’s looks. It’s like Nick Foles with bluer eyes and one less chromosome. Add on a mustache that might as well be a direct hyperlink to the Sex Offender’s Registry site with a double chin defying the art of skinny fat and we’ve got a redneck fit for his finest sister.