Marty Mush Saturday NFL Slate

My YTD is 91-91-4 and we are getting a treat of the NFL on a Saturday again. As I right this my I am sweating out a Memphis cover but my head is on straight for these NFL games today. No way in hell will Vegas fool me today.


Redskins @ Titans -11

The Redskins are in shambles after all of their injuries at QB but this Josh Johnson guy is a terror. He got his first start in seven years last week and beat the Jaguars which isn’t saying much but this guy is out for blood. This is an elimination game for the Titans and he wants to spoil it. These were two teams all year that I couldn’t figure out but 11 points seems a bit much for this Titans team. I don’t think Mariota will torch this defense and i think the skins can keeo it relatively close. Also when the O/U number in in the 30’s my brain automatically thinks of taking the over.

Pick Redskins +11 and O/37 

Ravens @ Chargers -4

This game is giving me a headache as well. The Ravens have been good as of late but I still think Lamar Jackson stinks. He is a hell of a runner but he can’t throw a lick. This Chargers defense with Bosa are going to eat him up. They will qb contain to try and make him throw and he will be off his game. The Chargers are the real deal this year and Phil will have Keenan Allen as a weapon and Rivers has been on his game. He knows this is his shot and he isn’t going to let it go.

Pick Chargers -4

This Memphis game distracted me as I went from winning to losing and no waiting to see if they can kick a field goal to tie. This shit is a full time job and the kick is… good. False start. Fuck. Mush to the Moon lets get these NFL games.