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Vape God Reunited With Dr. Janette Nesheiwat

On this week’s episode of ZeroBlog30 we had a special guest who’s already familiar with Barstool. Dr. Janette Nesheiwat’s first contact with our site was when she went against our own Tommy Smokes on Fox News in a segment about vaping.

They got to meet up again this week when we had her on ZBT.

She’s a great sport & having gone through ROTC in college, plus family in the military & ties with the White House & VA on health initiatives, we thought she’d be the perfect guest to ask about military care packages. More specifically; the healthiest things to send. Glad to report porn, vaping, cigs & dip are all ok for troops overseas. We cover several other topics as well.

Please enjoy my holiday themed breakdown of this week’s episode:

- Mattis, the No Man! General Mattis has announced his decision to step down as SecDef. The gang reads his letter & hashes it out.

-Ho, ho, holllly smokes that’s a lot of good vibes! The Navy provides medical treatment to tens of thousands in South America.

-Looks like Santa Clause is coming to town… Ope! Nope, it’s just your dad! And he’s deploying to Afghanistan with you. At least that’s the case for one father son duo we’re gonna talk about.

-Jingle Bells, Jody Smells… A real life Jody squats in a deployed soldiers home.

-Not so Silent Fight after Antifa mistakes The Few, The Proud for Proud Boys in Philly.

-Major Buzz, your recommendation letter, WOOF – An officer goes overboard with her dogs.

-To all these PRESENTS greetings! Interview with Dr. Janette Neshweiwat (Nesh-what) about the best care packages we should send this season – spoiler alert… porn & vapes are ok.

– Rocking around the caraeer tree with Chris Spatola! Captain Cons interviews the man who went from the Army to coaching at Duke to broadcasting.