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This Little Kid Using Alexa To Give Him The Answers To His Math Homework Is A Genius

What an absolute genius. That kid is so much wiser than his age would indicate and I’ll tell you why. Things like math seem very very important when you’re a young kid but it’s really not. Math only seems important because your parents and your teachers tell you that it’s super important and you’ll need to know it for when you’re older. They said, ” You need to know these things because you won’t always have a calculator with you” when that couldn’t be more false in 2018. My parents and my teachers didn’t see smart phones coming AT ALL. All of us always always always have a calculator on us. Not only that, but we have every answer to every question on us at all times.

That’s what makes this kid smarter than most. He sees the curve. He sees that things like smart phones and Alexa are just the beginning of this wave. He knows that he doesn’t need to know what 5 minus 3 is because by the time he gets older there’ll probably be Google chips implanted into everyone’s brains that’ll give us every answer to everything. There’s zero need to fill his brain with that nonsense. No one will need to know how to do simple math because it’ll be done for us. The future is so bright.