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This Old Aussie Ready To Throw Hands During A Road Rage Incident May Be My Favorite Person On Earth

*Warning: Strong Australian language:*


If this video happened anywhere else on the planet, I’d probably call that old man a hardo for losing his shit over whatever dickhead move the guy in front of him pulled. But since it happened in Australia, I couldn’t love this bloody chap more. Threatening to beat someone to a pulp and calling them a fat cunt multiple times in Australia is probably equal to honking your horn in America. When a man has been alive for 50 (+20 if we are being honest) years on an island full of crazy fucks and killer animals, he is going to throw C-bombs around the first chance he gets. And if your life was on All-Madden from the time you left your mum’s womb, you’d be the same way. The driver of that car thought he was in the clear because he had a cameraman and a goatee. But once Aussie Mendelbaum offered to partake in Australia’s favorite past time of bare knuckles boxing, Blue Shirt’s dick and ego shriveled inside his body. In fact, I hope the Australian police see this video and arrest Blue Shirt because I’m pretty sure instigating an argument then backing down from it once someone calls you a fat cunt and challenges you to a brawl is illegal Down Under. It doesn’t matter if your opponent is built like Popeye and gets angrier every syllable he says. If you start something in Australia, you better be ready to have someone finish it.

Also, we need to have that angry Aussie meet this old man to create an international road rage #superteam

For what it’s worth, Funny Voice Guy in this video has 10 times the backbone of Goatee Blue shirt Guy, but he ran into a hurricane of concentrated old man anger that nobody in the world could have battled back from, especially someone with the voice of a braindead yokel.