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Everyone Said I Blogged About A Girl Who Died In A Race Crash: Suck It: She's Alive And Well

I blogged this story in November and there were concerns that the young woman was dead. Guess what? Not dead. Not even a little bit dead. In fact, she’s so alive that she wants to start racing again. Pretty incredible because if this happened to me, I’d never race again. I can prove it too. I never walk in front of windows anymore when people are shooting at me. I learned my lesson the last time.

She doesnt just want to race again, she wants to be a champion.

Racing in Formula 3, Sophia Floersch crashed at 170mph (273kph) in November, her car being launched over the barriers. She fractured her spine during the incident. She’s revealed her ambitions to race again, setting her sights on becoming Formula 1 world champion.

I’d move on to something different and safer like blogging or podcast. She has a bigger set of testicles than I ever will. Good luck to her. I’m a big Sophia fan now and it’s not just because she helped prove my haters wrong by still living despite that insane crash.