The Trailer For Men In Black: International, Featuring Chris Hemsworth, Liam Neeson, And Tessa Thompson, Looks Great!

Excellent. I’m not a purist. Sure, the chemistry between Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones will be missed. They anchored this wonderfully fun franchise over three movies that grossed north of a billion worldwide. But hey, if we’re talking about replacements? You could do a lot worse than Thor (Thor), Oscar Schindler (Schindler’s List), and Valkyrie (also Thor).

I will miss the Will Smith music though. Men In Black the song was excellent. “Here come the men in black… galaxy defenders!” Phenomenal tune from the Fresh Prince. Really fun. The sort of rap music you could listen to in the car with your priest or rabbi, without worrying that the lyrics would offend him. There weren’t too many songs like that during the 90s.

The Men In Black franchise is tremendous. The weapons, the aliens, the pithy banter… Liam Neeson should do well playing the grouchy, standoffish older agent in the vein of Tommy Lee Jones. Chris Hemsworth is hysterical. I actually liked the newest Ghostbusters, and I thought his small roll was exceptionally funny. This scene in particular:


Anything Liam Neeson does, I watch out of principle. It’s a strange pact I made with a couple kids I used to tutor. I won’t get in to it but I promise it’s legal. And Tessa Thompson seems pretty cool. She was great in Creed and Thor: Ragnarock. Should be a fun one!!