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A Case For Bad Beat Of The Season: Duquesne's Head Coach Got Two Technicals With 5 Seconds Left In A Tie Game To Blow The +5.5 Cover And Under All At Once

So let’s set the stage here for a second. Duquesne playing Penn State. The line was Duquesne +5.5 (you may have gotten it at +6 at some spots)and under 138. It was 67-67 with 10 seconds to go when Penn State was inbounding the ball. Here’s the play that led to the video of Dambrot on top:

Dambrot was pissed about the missed push off before the blocking call. I get it, I guess. The arm does go extended but I’m fine with the no call here (I had zero action on the game). However, Dambrot was not fine with the call.

Here’s where I do have a problem. Yeah, I’m sure he had some choice words for the officials, but you can’t give him a technical at that spot. Let him rant for a couple seconds, call you a motherfucker and then get everyone to the free throw line. Guess what? He’s going right to drawing up a play and thinking what he wants with the timeout in hand. Just let him rant for a second or two tell him to cool and then go.

However, once he got that first technical it was all over. Gambling is a hell of a drug, man and if you had Duquesne +5.5 and under 138, I’m so sorry that six free throws led to those beats.