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The Die Hard Trailer Was Recut As A Christmas Movie And It Is Pure Holiday Magic

Well that answers the question that has caused more #debate than LeBron vs. MJ, Joe Flacco’s eliteness, and if Tom Brady is the #GOAT combined. Die Hard is (and always has been) a Christmas movie and some fancy editing just hammered that point home. If you watched Die Hard for the first time after watching that trailer, you wouldn’t understand how any idiot would say it isn’t a Christmas movie. It takes place on Christmas Eve, the entire premise of Christmas is integral to countless parts of the heist, and it has multiple Christmas songs and references throughout the film. It’s not even worth reopening this can of worms again. Now lets just enjoy Die Hard for what it is, a Christmas movie according to the people that made the movie (20th Century Fox) and the greatest movie of all-time with the greatest hero and villain of all-time.