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Jon Gruden Just Signed Nathan Peterman, Hell Yes!

Some things are just too perfect. The sun in the sky, the grass on the ground, and the Raiders and Jon Gruden. A complete match made in heaven. Remember this year when he traded Khalil Mack? Classic! But now he has more than made up for it by signing Nathan Peterman. THE Nathan Peterman, I apologize for sullying his good name. What a beautiful marriage of gridiron greatness- Peterman, statistically one of the worst QBs to ever lace them up, and Gruden, a coach who the game has long passed by, who still has 9 years and 90 million dollars left on his contract.

It doesn’t get much better than this. Hopefully we one day see the Peterman in the silver and black. Maybe he opens up the new stadium in Vegas? Oh boy that would be something. That’s how you get your new era off to a rocket start. Buckle up everyone, the Nathan Peterman era in Oakland is about to begin. Where will it end? Canton.

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