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End Your Workday With The Most Disrespectful Dunks Of The Modern Era

Miami Heat v Boston Celtics

Alright you know what time it is. Hopefully you were smart and saved your PTO and are able to start your vacation early after today, but if not and you have to make it a few more days before freedom, at least you’re one day closer. We all know cube life during this time of year is by far the best because everyone, and I mean everyone is mailing it in until 2019, so why should this afternoon be any different? I assure you unless you are trying to secure some end of the year quota in which case you’re kinda fucked, everything can be pushed back until the new year.

So for today for your NBA time waster, why not go with something that always puts asses in the seats. Who doesn’t love extremely disrespectful dunks? I’m talking about dunks that will legit make you say “OH SHIT” to yourself while you pretend to work for these last 20 or so minutes. I feel like this is just the thing to get us all over the hump on this here Hump Day, and I can assure you these videos will do the trick. There’s nothing quite like seeing someone get put on a poster. but there’s another added level when the players start talking shit. If you’ve watched Shawn Kemp you know what I’m talking about. That’s why I found the goods for you all, nearly 20 minutes of absolutely savagery. Go ahead and hit play and the next thing you know you’ll be free and one step closer to that much needed Christmas break.

Some legit all timers in there folks, I hope you enjoy it. Congratulations on making it halfway through the week, I’ll see you all again tomorrow afternoon.