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Manny Machado Hustled Through His Meeting With The Yankees Today - A Real Sign He's Ready To Turn The Page From "Johnny Hustle"

Manny Machado had his long-awaited meeting with the Yankees today. It lasted 90 minutes which some will probably point out seems a bit brief. Well, I think Manny wanted to prove to the Yankees brass that he’s ready to put the “Johnny Hustle” rumors to bed. That’s how you get in and out efficiently. Am I worried that it was so short? Heavens no. Both sides know what the deal is. Manny wants to be a Yankee. The Yankees want Manny. What more is there to talk about? He toured the facility, probably met with a few higher ups, told them he wants to be here, and left. He’ll give Philadelphia their meeting tomorrow because he’s a good dude and is a man of his word. Very honorable in my mind. In all seriousness, I think the length of that meeting is completely fine and nothing to overreact to. I’m fine, you’re fine, we’re fine. It’s fine. He’s probably just getting lunch with A-Rod and JLo right now.

P.S. It’s also very likely the meeting was brief because of Joan Steinbrenner’s funeral today.

Just get this over with fast, please. I don’t need to be home during Christmas break refreshing twitter every other second. Come home Manny. Join us and help us re-take over the world.

Pretty please.

New episode of The Short Porch out today where we broke down the Machado meetings, how we would court him, how we would like to get courted, along with some other stuff like what three Yankees you would pick to not get hurt at all this year. Spoiler alert, Greg Bird didn’t get selected.