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Montae Nicholson Knocked That Dude The FUCKKKKK Out

TMZ - TMZ Sports has obtained footage of Washington Redskins safety Montae Nicholson pummeling a man in the middle of a Virginia street around 2 AM Tuesday morning … and it’s violent.

Nicholson — wearing a red hoodie — is going after another man in a jean jacket while other people in the melee desperately try to restrain him.

But Nicholson is too strong and too angry — and refused to back out … instead, he throws several punches at his target … including a knockout blow.

You can see in the video, the man in the jean jacket appears to go limp as Nicholson hits him clean in the face.


Well golllllyyyyyyy! That was a HAYMAKER. Montae Nicholson- decent on the field, GREAT in the ring. We should sign him up for Rough N Rowdy immediately. He hit that jean jacket guy with a solid 1-2-3 combo and had dropped him unconscious in a way we haven’t seen since Tyson. And hey, also, shout out to him for not hitting a woman! Fuck yeah! That’s where the bar is and boy was I nervous as hell watching the video but he just wanted to kill the jean jacket guy, props to him.

Honestly, this was just a drunk fight. It happens. It’s not a great look but drunk fights happen all the time. Our forefathers used to do duel to solve problems, so a parking lot fight isn’t that crazy. It’s just humanity at it’s purest. Two men battling it out for supremacy. He should be back on the field on Sunday.