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This 75-Foot Game Winning Buzzer Beater Looked Way Too Casual For UT Martin

What a shot. I mean yeah, buzzer beaters are awesome, but how about a 75-footer for the win? That’s the way to do it. Especially this way. It looked way too casual as he just took a dribble and went up for it. Looked like it was just like yeah, okay, overtime is fine. We’ll win there. Oh, nope. Game over.

My other thing watching this? How about ESPN lying with the clock. Chattanooga hits that three to tie it and ESPN has the clock at zero. Makes it a bit confusing, but that’s about right for a company that is known as ESPN LIES. Luckily, the clock operator was on top of it and more importantly we didn’t have a review. That’s what made this shot awesome.

Also, what is Chattanooga doing here? Completely backing off with a second to go. I know the chances here are incredibly slim, but they are damn near zero if you at least apply a little pressure. They let UT Martin take a dribble and get a clean look at the heave.

Either way, what a damn shot. This is how you win a game.