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Kobe Was Able To Convince Refs To Give Him Free Throws By Simply Saying He Doesn't Pass The Ball #MambaMentality

So last night in the middle of the Lakers/Nets game Richard Jefferson – who has been terrific on calls – drops this nugget. Back during his playing days Kobe drew a foul. The refs were debating if he was passing the ball or going up for a shot and Kobe let them know that he hasn’t passed the ball all night. Not shockingly that worked and Kobe was probably right.

This is just peak Kobe though. I wish Jefferson went more into detail, most notably what year was this. Personally, I like to imagine it’s Kobe just going after Smush Parker again. I still laugh with him on The Corp episode talking about how he and Smush don’t talk but he’s close with every other teammate.

The best thing is you know this is true. You know Kobe refused to pass and you know he made sure to tell everyone, especially the refs, that he was refusing to pass. You know it was a game where he was locked in and just taking a guy off the dribble and pulling up from 12 feet nonstop. As much as I wasn’t a Kobe fan (hate the Lakers) I love how much of an asshole he was on the court.