Big Dick Brodie Van Wagenen Says The Mets Are The Favorites In The National League East

BRODIEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! So this is why the Wilpons hired a real life Ari Gold to run their team. Make a big trade, add in a few signings, and then drag his nuts on TV to rally the fanbase in December. And to be honest, I don’t hate it. If this was any other GM, Mets fans would probably be demanding that the team do whatever it takes to land Manny Machado or Bryce Harper since you know, the Mets are a big market team in a sport with rules that give big market teams a distinct advantage. But with Brodie acting like King Dingaling, most fans will rally around the Mets internally believing they are the favorites in the division today, which could all change if the Phillies sign Bryce Harper tomorrow or may not even be the case because the Baby Braves are likely only going to get better and the Nats don’t stop producing young stud outfielders. Jeff Wilpon must love hearing this shit on whatever continent he is spending the David Wright insurance money on today. I suppose building a team and promoting a message that will get paying customers excited and into the building is a pretty important part of a general manager’s job. I just know that feeling like 2nd or even 3rd class citizens during free agency while every other Barstool city’s team goes big game hunting kinda sucks considering the size of the New York market. Maybe Brodie will surprise us with another good signing or two to really get us lathered up for Opening Day. Or maybe not. All I know is that I am sick and tired of hearing about how there is still “some” money to spend on a roster that has 2-3 more years of potential contention (Read: The Wilpons have to pay deGrom and/or Thor their true value) before the window slams shut.

Or Brodie can take out that big ol’ Bic and have Manny Machado sign on the dotted line in Flushing. Then everything will be good in my book and we can hug it out, bitch. But until then, I’m not penciling in the Mets as the favorites in anything, no matter how much the aging 2nd baseman, the electric closer, the old closer turned setup man, and catcher with injury concerns help the team out next season.