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Nick Foles Being Ranked The 70th Best Player In The NFL Didn't Bother Me Until I Saw DeSean Jackson Was 63rd


YB – Foles has been named one of the NFL’s Top 100 Players. PA vote by all his NFL peers has the Birds signal-caller coming in at No. 70, on the NFL Network’s top 100 player list. Foles for his part finished ahead of Tony Romo and Matt Stafford. Foles had 27 touchdowns and 2 interceptions, so it shows that his peers don’t truly trust him as an elite level quarterback. Foles joins Evan Mathis (No. 88) and Jason Peters (No. 67) on the list so far. DeSean Jackson finished 7 spots ahead at 63.

Honestly, I’m perfectly content with Nick Foles’ current ranking by the NFL Network. He had a NFL record year but is still young and has a lot to prove. Personally I would have put him around 40-50 solely because the QB position is that much more important, but 70 is fair. Pro Bowler Evan Mathis is ranked correctly, too. But I’m not sure why Jason Peters is consistently regarded as one of, if not the best tackle in the league and is ranked so low.

However, I AM NOT cool with Jaccpot Records snaking his way 7 spots ahead of our boy Dick Folds. The only two other receivers on the list were Wes Welker and Jackson’s new teammate, Pierre Garcon. D-III PG, maybe, but there’s no way DJ should be ranked ahead of Wes Welker, either. Did Jackson have a career year last season with 82 receptions for 1,332 and 9 TD’s? Sure he did. Phenomenal production. But it was definitely being the product of Chip’s system with the help of Fole’s arm than solely Jackson’s talent. Look at his numbers before last season (albeit he was injured for most of 2012):


Jax is explosive as fuck…when he wants to be. He has the ability to take it to the house at any given moment and is a constant deep threat. Other than that he puts out very mediocre numbers with an attitude to match. Good luck Redskins fans dealing with this one once RG3’s knee turns into jello and there’s nobody to throw it over 10 yards. Not a big Kirk Cousins fan, either.


I’m trying to think of what other Eagles would be on this list. Shady will definitely get top 10 if not top 5. Is that it? Sadly I think so unless the NFL sacks up and gives an honorable mention to the big left foot of Donnie Jones. Dude contributed more in one season as a punter than Reno Mahe did for the Birds his entire 24 years he was for some reason here. Thank again, Andy.

Whatever. Buy a T-shirt.