Self-Proclaimed Fast Guy Skip Bayless Says He Can Beat LeBron And Tom Brady In A Race Tomorrow

Profile of ESPN Personality Skip Bayless

[GQ] – I always think of LeBron, since he’s the guy we talk about the most. Or Tom Brady. I’m going to the top of the food chain with both of them. I definitely could outrun those two for eight miles. I would do it for any amount of money. I still run pretty well. I’m pretty fast. My eighth mile is usually around 6:30. The other miles will be more like 7:30 or 8:00. Let’s take LeBron: At 6-foot-nine and 260 pounds, it’s just physics—it’s too many pounds to carry over a distance. I’d do it tomorrow.

And just like that I found the race that I’d be glued to the TV watching. I didn’t know I needed to see an eight mile race between Tom Brady, LeBron James and Skip Bayless but here we are on a Tuesday afternoon. I mean when a self-proclaimed fast guy challenges you to a race as the three of you are at the top of the food chain, you have to.

The image of Skip Bayless challenging these guys to a race – which I’m sure he will on TV at some point too – is just hilarious. I mean, listen, Skip is in good shape. We’re all mature enough to admit that. And I get what he’s saying in thinking he can beat the other two because of weight and training.

But, if you don’t think Brady and LeBron would immediately train for this to beat Skip, I’d call you a liar. These are two guys that hate to lose. I mean we’re talking about world class athletes. Yes, this is a world class athlete:

I even understand at what he’s getting at with the difference between running for distance and training for basketball or football. But, come on, you don’t think LeBron is athletic enough to switch quickly to running quicker 8 miles if he wanted to?

So LeBron and Tom, I have a feeling you’re reading this (you’re not reading this). Let’s set this up. The offseason matches up right around July. That should give plenty of time for Skip, LeBron and Tom to get together and broadcast this. I’m pretty sure that’s enough time for All Business Pete to get video together and we can broadcast it. I need this to happen and I had no idea that I’d ever think that.