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Betting On T.V. Shows Is What This World Needs

So the Odds came out on who is going to run the Westeros at the end of Game Of Thrones. I am going to upset a lot of people with my next statement. I have not watched a single episode of GOT and I have reasons. First of all I have heard there are a shit ton of worlds and I will not be able to keep up with all of the characters. I also want to wait until its all over and I can binge every season.

Lets move onto the betting on random t.v. shows. We can’t get to crazy but for big episodes we need lines on who is going to die, or who is the killer etc. Not everyone understands sports betting and also not everyone likes sports. This is a perfect twist for you to get interested in your significant others shows that you don’t like. This is a win win situation for everyone because in the end your girlfriend or boyfriend will be happy you are so invested. This is what gambling is for. It’s not just to win a quick buck it is just something to do when you are in situations you don’t want to be in. This can help so many people in so many ways. Obviously the losing money part is always a factor but its the principle. When your significant other wants to watch This Is Us and you can bet on how Jack dies (So what I watch the show) you will be thanking me later.

Lets get this in motion because I feel like my luck can change when I am not betting sports. No one has to know you are a degenerate either because its not like you are watching A tennis match at 3a screaming at the t.v. You will just be watching a normal network show on Sunday night and people will think you just love the show. This can be life changing.