Carrie Underwood Is Not Happy About New Sunday Night Football Song Criticism

Carrie Underwood finally responded to the criticism for her Sunday Night Football song. I completely understand where Jessica is coming from here. She in NO WAY was coming at Carrie Underwood…it’s just the song. Everyone loved ‘Waiting All Day For Sunday Night’ and NBC just went and changed a good thing. It is absolutely no disrespect to Carrie, she still sings the crap out of ‘Game On’…but it’s just not the same. Unfortunately Jessica’s tweet had to be the one Carrie actually noticed.

It seems Carrie took the criticism a little too personally…no one was saying she should be out of the SNF crew. She does an amazing job. It has absolutely nothing to do with her performance or her singing, it’s just there was a level of comfortability with ‘Waiting All Day.’ There was just a warm, fuzzy feeling you got after sitting on your couch for an entire Sunday watching football and then you finally hear….

And in classic Internet form…Carrie fans took “Today, let’s be positive. Let’s be NICE to each other. Let’s do something nice FOR someone else. Smile at a stranger. It’s the start of a new week! Today is precious! Don’t waste it! Sending love and cheer to you all!!!” and decided to go and trash Jessica.

Jessica does not deserve to get any flack for this. Nothing like attacking a girl’s looks because she said she didn’t like a song. Makes a ton of sense! I don’t want to bring Big Cat into this but I think I have to. He got off like a bandit here. He has probably been the most vocal on Twitter about the new song (rightfully so). He said he would tweet it every week…and he did. Here are just a few.

However after weeks of criticizing the song it seems that this past Sunday, things turned around for Big Cat. This might be the one that saved him.

And in response to Carrie…

Carrie, we all love you. We want you to stay with SNF forever. We just want to be waiting all day for Sunday night.