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The Hottest New Christmas Song Is "All I Really Want For Christmas" By...Lil Jon And The Kool-Aid Man?

I’ll level with you guys, I don’t know what the fuck I just watched. If I woke up tomorrow with my head sewn to the carpet, I wouldn’t be more surprised than I am now. I don’t know if it was a real music video, a guerrilla marketing campaign to sling Kool-Aid down kids throats, or an actual Christmas song for people that enjoy rap in 2018. To be honest, I don’t even know if it was all that good outside of hearing Lil Jon say Feliz Navidad and slander the fuck out of egg nog, which is complete and utter trash. Dropping the uncensored version of this song would raise the video at least one full letter grade, but the good people at Kool-Aid probably killed that idea real quick considering Lil’ Jon once made the phrase “skeet skeet” a radio fixture because all the old people in charge on censoring had no idea what the fuck it meant.

But if Lil Jon and the Kool-Aid Man team up to make a Christmas music video, I have to blog it. It’s just one of those things that is out of my hands. When the man who was the king of 2000s hip hop and the monstrous glass pitcher that can turn water into wine sugar water heaven team up to make a Christmas hip hop jingle, it’s going up on the blog simply because of how absurd that combination is. Real life Mad Libs shit. Do I hate that this video downgraded the Kool-Aid Man into some braindead fool like Hodor only able to say Oh and Yeah? Of course. But two legends of the game creating a more unlikely duo than Kane and X-Pac back in the day deserve respect just for all the entertainment they have given us over the years.

Obligatory electric video of Frank The Tank making Kool-Aid video:

Along with Frank recreating Kool-Aid Man’s signature “Oh Yeahhhh”:

Obligatory Andy Reid Kool-Aid Man gif:

Obligatory Lil’ Jon Chappelle Show skits:

As well as throwback bangers: