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Cardi B Bought Herself Five Cars To Pose With On Instagram Even Though She Can't Drive

I’ll never understand how people can hate on Cardi B. She has zero shame. The girl goes on national TV and talks about stripping with James Corden without thinking twice. She may be the only famous person ever who has literally never changed. Like five years ago she was probably acting and talking exactly how she is now except she was dirt poor. It’s refreshing.

As far as Carpool Karaoke goes, this one may be my favorite. She didn’t phone it in like Mariah, she belted it out and gave it her all. The whole thing was fantastic. Although, my favorite part is at 3:21 where she casually mentions she owns five cars despite not knowing how to drive. A Lamborghini , a Lamborghini truck, a Bentley truck, a Maybach, and a Suburban. That’s over a million dollars’ worth of cars just so she can Instagram with them. Let’s take a look at some of her work.

Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 11.22.37 AM

Notice how there are only two cars because those are literally the only two pictures I can find. The rest of her Instagram is memes and people farting into gas masks.

She only has eight million dollars (still a lot, I know) but I feel like she’s not rich enough to be spending like that.  She’s like a female Mike Tyson minus the crippling cocaine addiction. Whatever. The rest of the Carpool Karaoke was a home run. Long live Cardi B.