Judge Resigns After Telling Lawyer To 69(?) Viggo Mortensen


(Advocate) “A judge in upstate New York has resigned amid an investigation of a homophobic remark he reportedly made to a lawyer, saying the lawyer and actor Viggo Mortensen should ‘suck each other’s dick.’ At the time, Brennen was promoting a film festival featuring the work of Mortensen, best known for the Lord of the Rings films and now Golden Globe-nominated for Green Book.

‘You and Viggo Mortensen should get a hotel room and suck each other’s dick,’ Brennen said the judge told him. Hallett also called the film festival “about the gayest thing I have ever heard,” according to Brennen. The exchange reportedly took place at the Jefferson County Court Complex in Watertown.

The lawyer also said that during another conversation five months later, Hallett made a gesture intended to ‘connote oral sex,’ then patted Brennen on the cheek and said, ‘There, there, little boy.'”

I’m confused what the honorable Judge poopy-pants meant. “Suck each-others dick” is singular and implies that there is only one dick involved. If he just misspoke, did he mean 69 or taking turns? Either way, it sounds like he put a LOT of thought into it. Maybe that was a little Freudian slip exposing that he, like many of us (especially me), daydream about Viggo taking him out on a nice date to the park and telling them what it was like to film in New Zealand. Mine usually get more graphic, to be honest.

I hope they bring this festival to NYC, because Viggo fucking rocks, hard (no pun intended). I saw ‘Green Book’ last weekend and it was amazing, adding another heater to his already amazing filmography.

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