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At Least The Ottawa Senators Have Moved On To Fighting Former Teammates As Opposed To Current Ones

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Things were looking pretty bad for the Ottawa Senators for a while there. The locker room was an absolute disaster. It appeared that everybody on the team hated one another, with the players especially hating certain members of the coaching staff. Which was to be expected when the team finished 2nd to last place in the league last season. You have a year like that and it can cause a ton of internal unrest.

Now I wouldn’t say they have necessarily turned everything around just yet. I mean they’re doing a lot better than you’d expect a team to play after dealing Erik Karlsson and Mike Hoffman away in the offseason. But if there’s one thing to really be optimistic about with the Ottawa Senators right now, it’s that they are fighting former teammates instead of current ones, as evidenced by Bobby Ryan dropping the mitts and chuckin’ away on Kyle Turris last night.

Cherry Hill Native Bobby Ryan isn’t known as much of a fighter but his dad runs a boxing gym over in South Jersey so he at least knows how to throw his hands out there. And he was also fighting Kyle Turris who is…well…not a fighter. So I think that fight would have been pretty one-sided regardless of the circumstances. But when you’re Bobby Ryan and you have an EXTENSIVE history of hand injuries, and then a former teammate of yours is out there throwing a couple of extra whacks at your hand?

Well then obviously you’re going to be a little pissed off about the fact. Now I’d probably say it’s a bit counterintuitive to settle a beef over getting slashed in your oft-injured hand by getting into a fist fight, but that’s neither here nor there. Bobby Ryan is a hockey guy through and through. So potential broken hand be damned, he’s going to feed some fists to Kyle Turris’ face and make him say sorrey for what he’s done.

P.S. – Thomas Chabot currently has 10 goals and 36 points in 35 games including this OT game winner from last night. Erik Karlsson has 2 goals and 22 points in 34 games this year.

Just sayin.