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2 Chicago Cops Were Killed Last Night In A Horrible Accident While Chasing Down A Shooting Suspect

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Block Club Chicago — Two Chicago Police officers who chased a gunman onto Metra tracks in the Rosemoor neighborhood were hit and killed by a passing train Monday night, the latest tragedy to rock the Chicago Police Department. Officers Eduardo Marmolejo, 37, and Conrad Gary, 31, died instantly when they were hit by the outbound South Shore train, which was traveling as fast at 70 mph.

Chicago Police said the “devastating tragedy” happened on the tracks near 103rd and Cottage Grove. The Calumet (5th) District officers, partners for the night, responded to a “ShotSpotter” automatic detection of gunshots at 101st and Dauphin just after 6 p.m. Monday. A suspected gunman ran up the train embankment at 103rd and Cottage Grove, and the officers followed, Johnson said. They were struck by the South Shore train at 6:21 p.m. on tracks owned by Metra. Both men were married with children.  Marmolejo had been on the force for 18 months. Gary had been an officer for 2 1/2 years.

This is just absolutely devastating news for the families of these young brave men. It’s gut wrenching to think officers Marmolejo and Gary won’t come home to their kids again and that their families will spend Christmas grieving. It’s downright fucking terrible and it’s all because of gunshots near the train tracks. These guys knew what they were getting into and still went into a balls out sprint in the pitch black to run down the gunman. I can’t imagine what was going through their head in the split second it takes to commit to that. Honestly it was probably nothing – just instinct and reaction to extend themselves into harms’ way to protect the public. Puts things in perspective.

If you have a soul or even an ounce of courage yourself, you’ll open up your virtual checkbook and throw a few bucks to the families HERE

Send me or WSD the screenshot of your donation on twitter and we’ll post a recap of all submissions put toward the families. Good opportunity to show the world just how much Chicago loves our Boys in Blue.


Do it.