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Chinese Basketball Team Is Refusing To Let US Basketball Player Andrew Goudelock Leave China To Have Surgery

When you hear about US players going and playing overseas there are a million different stories. Some range from Steph Marbury and Jimmer who become stars and legends overseas while some range to normal life and then there’s this. Andrew

Goudelock was a star at College of Charleston before playing for the Lakers and most recently playing for the Rockets in 2016. He’s now playing over in China for the Shandog Golden Stars along with Ty Lawson as the other American on the roster.

There are pros to playing over in China. It’s one of the better leagues overseas and more importantly it tends to be one of the better ones in terms of paying players. We’ve seen Americans like Lawson, Marbury, Jimmer, God Shammgod, Gilbert Arenas, Michael Beasley, MarShon Brooks, Tyler Hansbrough and Russ Smith all find a home over in China and either turn it into another NBA stint or a long term run in China.

But, this is the other side of it. Goudelock, who has been with the Golden Stars since July (his second time playing in the CBA) is essentially being held hostage for his salary in China. He has a serious patellar injury and is now in a standoff with the team. He wants to return home for surgery – as most people want to do, but the Golden Stars want him to stay in China. The injury is so severe that he’s out for the entire year, so it’s not like he can help the team with practice or anything like that. He signed a deal for over $1.5 million so there’s obviously a lot at stake here.

Hopefully, the Golden Stars let him return home for surgery. If not, let’s get Donnie on the line to help out and really heckle the Golden Stars.