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A Three Year-Old Named Drake Winslow Sang The National Anthem At The Syracuse Women's Basketball Game Yesterday And Crushed It

What were you doing at three years old? Picking boogers out of your nose? Pooping in your pants? Thinking a swing-set was the greatest thing invention in the world? Well, Drake Winslow was standing in front of six thousand people and singing the national anthem without a scared bone in his body. The youngest to ever sing the national anthem in the Carrier Dome’s almost 40 year history.

Three years old and singing the national anthem is absolutely outrageous. I actually saw some people giving this kid shit on Twitter for singing poorly. Comparing him to Fergie? You want to compare a three year old to a woman who has been professionally singing her whole life? Fuck outta here. Drake Winslow crushed this and I’ve got to say I want to invest in this kid. Why? That name is big fire. Drake Winslow figures life out somehow someway I guarantee it. If he runs away with American Idol and goes on tour as a platinum artist I wouldn’t be surprised. If he decides to become an astronaut he’s going to save the Earth from an incoming asteroid. If he plays sports, he goes pro. Drake Winslow is a winner.