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You Won't Find a More Electric Sports Moment Than England's Netball Championship Game-Winning Basket

I mean that’s as an electric moment as you will find in all of sports, maybe ever. There were people crying. Less defense being played than Amare Stoudemire trying to guard in the post. Someone essentially being given a do over for no reason whatsoever. Madness. Chaos. This moment actually happened eight months ago, but it’s coming to the lime light now because it was awarded the GREATEST SPORTS MOMENT OF THE YEAR at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year show. What else was up for the award? Tiger Woods’ first win in five years, Tyson Fury’s draw, England soccer’s World Cup win in a shootout, and some cricket thing. Honestly, I’m fine with the results given the call. Nothing can top that, not even out of Gus Johnson’s voice. Now some of you were probably wondering if the WNBA was running low on costs and couldn’t afford backboards this year. Well, I am happy to tell you they are doing just fine and that this is a completely different sport. I present to you, netball, the number one women’s team sport amongst commonwealth countries.

You’re goddamn right I watched a seven minute video explaining the rules at two in the morning last night. Here’s what I got… Netball is a non-contact sport played on a court divided into thirds. There are seven people on a team with certain players unable to move in certain parts of the court. The seven players’ positions are the goal keeper, the goal defense, wing defense, the center, the wing attack, the goal attack, and the goal shooter. I could tell you now where each player is allowed to go on the court, but it would be a gigantic waste of our time. The rules of moving the ball are basically what ultimate frisbee is like where you can’t run/dribble and can only pass or shoot. You have 3 seconds to get rid of the ball. Defenders have to stay 3 feet from the person with the ball so that’s why that woman was just free to fire from 1 foot out with no hand in her face. She was CRYING after draining that bomb. Incredible. What a sport. What a story. What a team. What a journey. Netball.

Seeing sports like these in other countries makes you think people are legit living forty years in the past. I mean if you put that video in black and white I could be convinced James Naismith just got through teaching those people the game of basketball.

P.S. Absolutely terrible call by the ref to call a foul on the first shot. That guy deserved to get thrown in jail for blowing the whistle in the final seconds of a championship netball clash like that. Disgusting.