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Wake Up With Randy Johnson OBLITERATING A Bird With A Pitch
This is one of the all time clips in sports, not just baseball. I honestly don't think I'd have believed it if it wasn't caught on film too. Back in Spring Training in 2001, Randy Johnson was just getting some pitches in. He is arguably one of the best and most intimidating pitchers ever, so Spring ball isn't a thing to him. He's just there so he won't get fined.
He's up on the mound and throws a pitch towards the batter. Before the pitch reaches home a dove flies in and at the exact same time as the ball is hurling towards the plate, the two connect. POOF.
I mean it is literally a cloud of feathers. That bird had to have died instantly. Even if Johnson wasn't throwing his normal gas, no way a little bird like that can survive blunt force trauma like that. I mean what are the chances of that happening? Idk if that has happened in a game like that before, but I guarantee that won't happen again. A bird flying straight into the path of a thrown pitch, a pitch that can twist and turn any which direction, and a bird that can accelerate and turn whenever it wants. I'd love to see the odds on that happening again.
Also, it's not shocking at all that PETA filed suit against Randy Johnson for cruelty to animals and he actually had to get a lawyer to represent himself in court. GTFOH with that.